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Jun 27

The festival’s solstice consecration

On June 21, in the northern hemisphere, we marked the summer solstice, the pinnacle of our transit into the territory of the sun.

On this day, we have consecrated our journey toward this year’s festival gathering with a digital Altar space. We have lain a place to invite the Divine to sit with us.

At the Altar, we make our offerings in reverence. We sit in devotion and ask for blessings.

The Altar is the gate, the anchor, and the compass. Where we enter, where we ground, where we can be guided.

The Altar is a living digital space you can return to at any point on your journey until we are gathered in body together once again.

Come and sit with the Divine. 

Good Solstice and many Blessings to you.

Art by Megan Manske