Love & Ecstasy produces workshops, immersive trainings, festivals, and conferences that provide powerful opportunities to open up and dive deep into your personal, sexual, and spiritual pathways, so you can:

learn how to access lifeforce energy

experience true states of love and ecstasy

transform your life


In safe, sacred, supportive, and loving containers, Love & Ecstasy offers opportunities to explore:

♥ Self-Love and Empowerment

♥ Conscious Love and Relating

♥ Conscious Touch and Sensuality

♥ Spirituality and Sexuality

♥ Universal Love






Immersive Trainings


Humans crave LOVE and ECSTASY.

We CHASE it.

We look for it in extreme sports, food, fame, wealth, sex and drugs. We engage in addictive, high-energy experiences and take “love drugs” like MDMA, to achieve it. Pop a pill and get access to states of ecstasy!

But TRUE LOVE and lasting STATES of ECSTASY cannot be attained by popping a pill or by chasing the next high-octane adventure.

They are only truly accessible by getting in touch with something that is already inside you – something that is already vibrating ecstatically:


How can we use our lifeforce energy to live a more ecstatic life?

Love & Ecstasy: Learn, Experience, Transform

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