Race to Healing

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Race to Healing – Sunday, February 7, 2021

There’s SHADOW around RACE within western conscious and wellness spaces.

The lack of diversity and representation in these spaces contributes to Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) feeling unwelcome, othered, and unseen.

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Love & Ecstasy produces workshops, immersive trainings, festivals, and conferences that provide powerful opportunities to open up and dive deep into your personal, sexual, and spiritual pathways, so you can:

β™₯ learn how to access lifeforce energy

β™₯ experience true states of love and ecstasy

β™₯ transform your life


In safe, sacred, supportive, and loving containers, Love & Ecstasy offers opportunities to explore:

β™₯ Self-Love and Empowerment

β™₯ Conscious Love and Relating

β™₯ Conscious Touch and Sensuality

β™₯ Spirituality and Sexuality

β™₯ Universal Love



Immersive Trainings


Tantra Festival




Humans crave LOVE and ECSTASY.

We CHASE it.

We look for it in extreme sports, food, fame, wealth, sex and drugs. We engage in addictive, high-energy experiences and take β€œlove drugs” like MDMA, to achieve it. Pop a pill and get access to states of ecstasy!

But TRUE LOVE and lasting STATES of ECSTASY cannot be attained by popping a pill or by chasing the next high-octane adventure.

They are only truly accessible by getting in touch with something that is already inside you – something that is already vibrating ecstatically:


How can we use our lifeforce energy to live a more ecstatic life?

Love & Ecstasy: Learn, Experience, Transform