What is Love & Ecstasy?

Love & Ecstasy: the beginning of a new age

We are now on the cusp of an emerging paradigm. As the Age of Aquarius flows in – a time of planetary, energetic, personal and transpersonal shifts are occurring.

Old patterns and power structures that have been in place for decades and centuries are starting to SHIFT and be replaced.

What is an Ecstatic Life?

Our culture likes to take shortcuts to ECSTATIC LIVING.

We will go to great lengths to achieve ECSTATIC STATES.

Whether it be through recreational sex and drugs or high-octane experiences, or even codependent relating patterns, we will accept any available substitute for an ecstatic life.

But what if all the euphoric energy you need to live an ecstatic life is available to you IN YOUR BODY?

What if all you had to do was BRING MORE CONSCIOUSNESS to your….

Love, Sexuality, Eros, and Relating

….This is Love & Ecstasy