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May 13

Request for Proposals and the TTF24 Theme Announced!

Each year the Festival explores a new theme that guides the formation of our program and shared experience. Over the previous 3 years we have deepened into connection with self, others and sacred play. As the field grows and matures, we are excited to explore what is possible when we move beyond our individual experience and merge with that thing that connects us all!



The Collective Pulse is the beating of our collective heart.

This heart begins to throb when sovereign individuals – standing in their own embodied power – gather and start to vibrate with each other, and with Gaia herself. We start to breathe, move, and dance as One. We begin to sense how our gifts can be in service of the community and how our community is only as vibrant and strong as the individuals in it. We become symbiotic, synergized and powerfully alive!


The Collective Pulse is when we let Love lead us.

Do you feel that?! Throbbing, pulsing, beating in and all around you?!

This is the rhythm we will follow and cultivate throughout this year.



Our program is a work of alchemy. We select the offerings and activities on the basis of the needs of the overall journey and in line with our annual theme.


 We are calling for experienced facilitators, experts and leaders in the Sacred Sexuality and Tantric realms to join us in co-creating this wondrous, juicy and fun festival experience!

And this year, for the first time, we are adding the arts! 
We are beyond excited to support the intersection of Art and Sacred Sexuality – because ultimately, sexual energy IS creative Life-Force energy!

We are calling for artists, performers and creatives in our community to bring their heart and their creativity in service of the collective transcendence that takes place at the Festival each year.



Facilitator Application:
DEADLINE: March 31st at midnight (EDT)

Artist Application:
DEADLINE: April 30th at midnight (EDT)

Please share this post! Help us spread the word and reach all the amazing people that resonate with us and want to bring their magic to TTF24!