Tantric Massage and Energy Bodywork for Men in Toronto & Montreal…and other cities

Pleasure is your BIRTHRIGHT

Our bodies are built for PLEASURE


The more tension and stress the body holds, the less we can feel…PLEASURE.

Men especially have difficulty experiencing their own pleasure because it is too often tied to pleasuring and pleasing others.

Many seldom experience pleasure for the sake of pleasure without the expectation…and the pressure…to perform.

Men are conditioned to GIVE but not to RECEIVE.

Beyond The Pleasure Principle tantric massage offerings are deeply relaxing, sensual, restorative, healing, and transformative massage experiences FOR MEN.

Experience how bodywork and energy work can support the release of blockages so that your sexual life force can flow more freely.

Drop deep into your OWN pleasure and experience touch and love without the expectation of giving.

Enjoy pleasure without something being asked in return.

Enliven all of your senses and sexual life force energy!

Be a better lover to yourself and your beloveds.


Tantric massage shoot 10

Introduction to The Pleasure Principle
60 min Full Body Tantric Massage

…is perfect if you’re just starting to explore tantra or sacred sexuality OR if you’re looking to reactivate your sensuality and pleasure body


The Pleasure Principle ll
90 min Full Body Tantric Massage

…if you’re committed to continuing to deepen your connection to your sensuality and pleasure body and would like to experience how energy bodywork can support the releasing of blockages so that your sacred sexual life force can flow more freely, this is the right journey for you!


The Pleasure Principle lll
2 – hour Full Body Tantric Massage + Sacred Spot

…if you’ve already experienced Pleasure Principle ll, OR are comfortable with tantric massage, this journey will connect you more deeply with your pleasure and sensuality and open you up to fully receiving through sacred spot(s) massage


TANTRIC BLISS – 3-hour Full Body Tantric Massage + Sacred Spot + Tantric practices

…is a deepening journey into tantric pleasures, practices, and connection. You’ll experience a full-body tantric massage, energy bodywork, and sensation explorations. We’ll also explore together tantric practices such as Yab-Yum, circular breathing, eye-gazing, and others


*Prices are in CAD. Pls request USD pricing.

Tantric Massage

Like a regular massage, tantric massage is relaxing and helps to relieve pain, reduce stress, and increase well-being. But itโ€™s so much more!

Itโ€™s an elevated experience involving the release of blockages (physical, emotional, mental, sexual, or energetic) using touch, breath, sound and movement.

Tantric massage is a full-body sensual experience to awaken and move your sexual life force energy and support healing and transformation.

Tantric massage is especially appealing if you have challenges with traditional sexual activities due to sexual or physical issues. It offers a low-pressure, performance-free, sensual experience.

One intention of tantric massage is mindfulness โ€” and not to neccessarily have an orgasm.

Tantric bodywork can help with:
* Erectile issuesย ย 

* Premature ejaculation

*Intimacy challenges

* Releasing stagnant energy

* Awaken sexual [kundalini] energy

* Body awareness

* Reconnecting you to Source and Spirit

Over time, it can increase your orgasmic potential and support you in resolving challenges and issues related to your relationships, self-esteem, and sexual life.

“One word โ€“ blissful!”

The experience was so amazing…actually, it was perfect!”ย 

“My session with Cee was sublime and powerful. I felt very comfortable and safe. I canโ€™t imagine being in better hands (no pun intended!).”

โ€œCee’s touch is very deep and intuitive…she opened places in my body that were unconsciously blocked. I went from a body that was not allowing pleasure to flow to a body where sensual pleasure took over any mental blocks I was using to block my energy. All this is done with presence, acceptance, gentleness, strength, safety, and devotion.โ€


Tantric massage shoot 12b

About me…

I’m a professionally trained sacred sexuality and embodiment practitioner specializing in energy-based tantric massage.

My spiritual and personal journey into sacred sexuality and tantra began in 2018. Since then I have created and held event containers for hundreds of people exploring this path.

I believe sexuality is sacred and pleasure is pure medicine.

In this work, I’m inspired – and call into my sessions – the energy and spirit of Oshun, the goddess of divinity, femininity, fertility, beauty, sensuality, and love.

Oshun is a highly revered Orishรก in Yoruba-based religions of West Africa. She is the Orishรก of fresh waters and wealth and prosperity.

Oshun speaks to me because she so beautifully integrates both the feminine and masculine and the light and dark aspects of a woman.

She truly represents the Divine Feminine.


~ Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education, British Columbia – in progress

~10-day Practitioner Training Program –ย  International School of Temple Arts – 2022

~ International School of Temple Arts – several Sexual Spiritual Shamanic Experience (L1) trainings, the Living Level One Integration training, and Sexual Shamanic Initiation (L2) from 2018 – present

Photo credit: Nancy Ceneviva Photography