The Training

An Exploration of Love & Ecstasy: The Training

What is an Ecstatic Life?

Our culture likes to take shortcuts to ECSTATIC LIVING.

We will go to great lengths to achieve ECSTATIC STATES.

Whether it be through recreational sex and drugs or high-octane experiences, or even codependent relating patterns, we will accept any available substitute for an ecstatic life.

But what if all the euphoric energy you need to live an ecstatic life is available to you IN YOUR BODY?

What if all you had to do was BRING MORE CONSCIOUSNESS to your….

Love, Sexuality, Eros, and Relating

An Exploration of Love & Ecstasy: THE TRAINING 

September 13 – 18, 2020

We are thrilled to be offering a new training delivered by our all-Canadian team!

This immersive 6-day journey is a deep dive into personal and sexual empowerment.

This is foundational work for wherever you are in your life and on your path.

The Training

This exploration of love and ecstasy is an embodiment journey.

It’s your invitation to…….

  dive deeper into SELF LOVE

  expand your capacity for PLEASURE

  learn how to connect more deeply with LOVED ONES

  live a more embodied ECSTATIC LIFE

What you will walk away with

By the end of this 6-day journey, you will feel MORE.

You will be….

♥  in TOUCH with your body

  more AWARE of your emotions and how to hold them

♥  more EMBODIED and BALANCED in your masculine and feminine polarities

  confident in expressing your YES’S and NO’S and better able to define and honour your HEALTHY boundaries

  a more PRACTICED energetic lover

  more PRESENT and CONSCIOUS in your relationships

♥  more ALIVE and present

  elevate ourselves, and live a more….

graceful ♥  ease filled ♥  loving ♥  connected ♥  harmonious  purposeful  ♥  powerful   abundant    generous